Edward Said

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Sun Sep 12 10:03:20 MDT 1999

There is a good interview in The Observer newspaper Sunday Sept 12, with
this interesting Palestinian intellectual. He is the subject of an Zionist
witchhunt with allegations that he is not really a Palestinian.This is
financed by the junk bond dealer Millikan.

Said is the major voice in the secular opposition to the Oslo sellout of
the Palestinian cause. Arafat has settled for less than Bantustan
status.The weakening of the secular Palsetinian forces because of the PLO
betrayal has left the resistance in the hands of Hamas.

He comes from an Anglican Christian background making him a minority in a
minority Christain community.

I must take up a serious study of Said wrotings. The elements that deal
with the intellectual effects of oppression of a People has got parallels
with Ireland. I note that one of the best of the Irish literary
intellectuals Seamus Deane has an affinity with Said.

On the witchhunt can I urge a defence of Said who is seriously ill. It is
an added Zionist terrorism to basically not only deprive Said and his
nation of territory but to deny their very existence.

Another tragedy of the Palestinians is that most of the factions appear to
be pawns of one or other Arab state. But as mu friend Gerry Foley once
said the jackboot on your neck cause effects like that.
Jim Monaghan

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