Chomsky interviewed on East Timor

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Sun Sep 12 04:59:39 MDT 1999

Hi Folks,

If the comments below mean that Chomsky is advocating military intervention by
in East Timor then he is advocating a reactionary pro-imperialist stance. If this is
he is doing have there been any other instances when Chomsky has adopted a similar
If so then this must be a reflection of his overall political philosophy.

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Chomsky: There is one last chance to save the Timorese from utter disaster. I
stress "utter." They've already suffered enormous disaster. In a very short
time span, in the next couple of days, probably, unless the U.S. government
takes a decisive, open stand, this thing may be past rescue. It's only
going to happen in one way, if there's a lot of public pressure on the
White House. Otherwise it won't happen. This has been a horror story for
twenty-five years. It's now very likely culminating, and there isn't much
time to do anything about it.

Louis Proyect

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