DSP and East Timor

jbm7 at SPAMtutor.open.ac.uk jbm7 at SPAMtutor.open.ac.uk
Sat Sep 11 09:52:48 MDT 1999

I would disagree with the DSP on the troops issue though I sympathise with
the Timorese putting their faith in almost anyone but the generals.Like
those in the Nazi concentration camps would you care what uniform the
liberators had at least for a time.
Gary was right that the Australian gov was the main agent in the USA
inspired plot anyway.

I know it can be difficult in the superLeninist parties. My own
experiences have not been great. Though I was on the other side to Gary in
the LTF/IMT debate. I now see that at least for a long period a party has
to be loose.No leadership outside the megliamaniacs has the holy grail.If
the DSP were part of a larger left coalition like the Danish Red-Green
alliance.There is a need for a vechile that would allow the ideas of those
like Gary to circulate.

Alas if the Aussies go in they will get a welcome like the Brits initially
got in Derry.Even now many Republicans, dissidents included, persist with
illusions in the USA and or the United Nations
It is difficult to come up with a realistic alternative, I am sure the
Sparts etc are calling for a trade union army to go in or some other such

Perhaps the debacle for the Indonesian military might spark of a
revolution in the rest of the islands.The USA is worried about the
stability of the region. We are not.

There is huge sympathy with the Timorese here, I sense an identification
with a small nation. I constantly cxall attention to those who armed the
butchers especially the British Labour Gov.
Jim Monaghan

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