Military Coup Reported In Jakarta

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Wed Sep 8 15:12:26 MDT 1999

 There have been apparent reports from Portugese sources of a military coup
underway in Indonesia. Such reports are scarce. The apparent reason for this
is the East Timor situation. The BBC Correspondent in Jakarta said this
would not come as a surprise, that Habibie was a lame duck president, but he
also said that such a move would cause a bloodbath on the streets - unless
the new regime could get Megawati on their side.

 This obviously completely changes everything. What will this mean for the
movement in Indonesia - will it now break out in some form of revolution?
The Correspondent said he could never see such a regime accepting troops -
does this mean the West will pull back from any invasion of East Timor, or
will it put the province of sufficient strategic value to go to war with a
demoralised Indonesia?

 All eyes on Indonesia.

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