East Timor and the DSP line

Patrick Bond pbond at SPAMwn.apc.org
Sun Sep 12 04:47:26 MDT 1999

Coming from an SA liberation struggle where the character of int'l
solidarity was hotly debated (even if formal armed `intervention' was
never at stake), it seems to me that cde Alan's point here needs a
great deal more discussion.

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> I think there are two aspects to the DSP line.  One, as I have said before,
> is the influence of the Timorese resistance.  The Timorese have
> historically had an anti-interventionist policy, but have reversed it in
> the last few months in the context of the vote, and the recent events.

It's a shame so many words are spent on exploring the intricacies of
the Oz left -- as invigorated and hopeful as these comrades appear to
be right now -- and so little on clarifying lines of argument,
strategies and tactics within the Timorese liberation ranks. That's
the information many of our comrades in SA are anxious to get.

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