ETAN-ALL: Canadian companies active in Indonesia

Krishna Lalbiharie umlalbi0 at SPAMcc.UManitoba.CA
Wed Sep 8 17:21:45 MDT 1999

Canadian companies active in Indonesia

Analytical Service Laboratories (water/soil testing for mining & gas co's)
Bank of Nova Scotia (financial services)
Bata Ltd. (footwear manufacturing)
Beak International Inc. (consulting for mining & forestry co's)
Bombardier Inc. (transport & aerospace manufacturing)
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd. (oil & gas)
Canadian Wheat Board (Indonesia's second-largest wheat supplier)
Canora (Asia) Inc. (environmental egineering & consulting)
Carmanah Resources Ltd. (oil & gas exploration)
Country Style (fast food since 1995)
Get Poppin' (fast food since 1997)
Gulf Indonesia Resources (oil & gas, subsidiary of Gulf Canada)
Hatfield Group (consulting for oil, mining, forestry co's & gov't)
Hickling Corp. of Canada (consultants)
Husky Oil International Inc. (oil & gas)
PT Ingold Management (subsidiary of Inco Teachnical Services, services
Ingold mining exploration in West Papua, Maluku & Sumatra)
Inco Ltd. (nickel mining & processing, Soroako Sulawesi)
International Pursuit Corp. (mining exploration, Kalimantan)
Kilborn SNC-Lavalin Inc. (services to mining co's)
LaSalle College Group (joint venture int'l college PT Indotex LaSalle)
Les Prodiuts Fraco Ltee (construction services)
Manulife Financial (life insurance, financial services)
MMMuffins Canada Corp. (fast food)
McCain International Inc. (food supplier to restaurants)
McElhanney Consulting Service Ltd. (surveying & mapping)
Minorca Resources Inc. (gold mining exploration, N Sumatra & W Java)
N.D. Lea International Ltd. (consultants to gov't on transportation)
Northern Telecom Inc. (communications)
Pacific Amber Resources Ltd. (mining exploration, Kalimantan)
Pauwels Canada Inc. (electronics)
PIXCOM Group (television/multimedia services)
Placer Dome Inc. (mining exploration)
Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd. (consultants)
SNC-Lavalin Inc. (engineering)
Saint Cinnomin Bake Shoppes International (fast food, since 1996)
Sandwell Engineering Inc. (engineering)
Simons International Corp. (engineering)
Stream Flo Industries Ltd. (oil & gas industry components)
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada (life insurance)
Talisman (Asia) Inc. (oil & gas)
Teck Corp. (mining exploration in West Papua, Kalimantan, Sumatra)
PT Tingey Upaya Indonesia (consulting to foreign co's on operating in
Toronto Dominion Bank (financial services)
Tracer Petroleum Corp. (oil & gas)
Westcoast Energy International Inc. (energy services, inc. to PT Freeport)

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