reply to McDonald's second post -on thuggery

Andrew Wayne Austin aaustin at
Wed Sep 8 20:34:29 MDT 1999

The consensus of the US media is that instability in Indonesia, maybe
following an invasion by Australia or an alliance of international forces,
may lead to a new government, and, furthermore, that a new government
would be a bad thing for the region. Well, we see where the corporate
media stands.


PS - Speaking of the US media, NPR, in their reporting of Gore's promise
to go slow with health care reform, noted that pushing too much too soon
was what sunk Clinton's attempt at health care reform. The punchline was
that "Congress was uncomfortable with the sweeping changes Clinton
proposed." Put aside the notion of "sweeping changes" for a moment --
wasn't it the insurance companies who were uncomfortable with Clinton's
plan and embarked on one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in US

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