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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Sep 12 21:50:55 MDT 1999

Jim wrote:

>I gather that China also supports the Indonesian military at least
>according to the Irish press....(snip)

I suspect that China at leasdt some elements of the ruling clique anyway
>would like to recreate Chinese domination of the entire region. Case in
>point being the squabble for those islands between Vietnam and the
>Phillipines far from China in my opinion.

It might help to actually check the Chinese press itself, rather than guess
with tremendous cynicism. The Chinese government is taking a line similar to
the DSP, and as a security council member, this could be very explosive.
Imagine the Chinese demanding a "peacekeeping" role ala Russia in Kosovo.
The US could never allow it, but what choice would they have? The press
reports out of China have been about the struggle of the East Timorese for
far longer than the current blitz we are being treated to in the West.

>Chinas foreign policy seems based totally on Chinese interests seen as
>just another power and not on any principle.
>Jim Monaghan
For someone who just railed against the ultra leftist nonsense  of the
Sparts, this seems to be a rather odd statement. The sort of proletarian
internationalism you would properly envision for China would be close to
suicide. What would you wish the Chinese to do, invade to "save"? You then
accuse them of trying to dominate the region, perhaps so. It is a far cry
from Imperialism should the Chinese do it. It would be geo-political
positioning, and enough of a "check" on the US, et al to be a positive
development. The Chinese know they are the big prize right now, so it isn't
unlikely to see them jockey for a better defensive position, should they
achieve it, we are all more fortunate.

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