Ed Herman

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Wed Sep 8 18:19:35 MDT 1999

>Inhumanitarian Nonintervention in East Timor
>Edward S. Herman
>The media have avoided discussing these earlier genocides while
>reporting on the ongoing East Timorese crisis. And while they are now a
>bit aroused
>at the onset of what might be another Rwanda type slaughter--a second
>Indonesian genocide in East Timor--they continue to fail to trace it to
>the root causes of support of "our kind of guy" (as a senior Clinton
>official described Suharto in 1995), or to wax indignant over the failure
>of the
>West to react to monstrous behavior, or to feature the comparison with Kosovo
>and the mindboggling hypocrisy in the claim of a new era of western
>"humanitarian intervention."

I think that it's not a very good idea for a leftist to wax indignant at
the ruling class hypocrisy.  Well, they are basically hypocritical, but
what does Edward Herman want?  Does he want the West _not_ to be
"hypocritical" and to undertake a "humanitarian intervention" in East Timor
a la NATO's war on Yugoslavia?  Leftists had better be careful what they
wish for (or, more accurately, what their moral indignation against
hypocrisy makes them appear to wish for) -- they might get it.


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