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Sun Sep 12 22:46:19 MDT 1999

At 08:22 13/09/99 +1000, you wrote:
>> From: Jim Monaghan
>> I know it can be difficult in the superLeninist parties. My own
>> experiences have not been great. Though I was on the other side to Gary
>> the LTF/IMT debate. I now see that at least for a long period a party has
>> to be loose.No leadership outside the megliamaniacs has the holy grail.If
>> the DSP were part of a larger left coalition like the Danish Red-Green
>> alliance.There is a need for a vechile that would allow the ideas of
>> like Gary to circulate.
>I don't think that the DSP being 'superLeninist' is the problem here.  The
>mistake they have made is independent of this.
>People should be careful of Gary's view of the DSP.  He tends to project
>the behaviour of other parties on to it, interpreting it as if it was the
>International Socialists, Gary's other former party, or some other weird
>sect.   This isn't particularly useful or accurate.
>Alan Bradley
>alanb at

Alan is beginning to give me the shits with his running cover for the DSP
while he knows their line is wrong.  He is an ex-member of the DSP but is
morelike a bloody Catholic who has left the Chruch but still cannot stop
going to mass.  Alan knows me and I know him. So he better stop this
slanderous crap or he will get as good as he gives. Fair warning.



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