Replying to Alan & thoughts on Jarred's thesis

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Sep 12 21:52:38 MDT 1999

As the crisis has unfolded here the impact on Brisbane has been
considerable.  I have been driven out of the DSP's orbit by their incorrect
line, while Alan - an ex-member - has been sucked back into it.  Alan is a
Zinoviest looking for a home and despite his reservations about the DSP
line supporting Australian intervention he will return to the fold.

Alan has some frankly incorrect and naive or worse things to say about how
the DSP's operates.  It has a tight inner core and a loose structure at the
periphery - but when the heat is on the line is strictly enforced.  The
liberalism is skin deep. Alan knows that the DSP are wrong.  He has said
so, but he cannot explain how if the central committee is not ruling how
the line is being spouted out with such fervor by the youngest members,
despite being totally incapable of defending it at any level.

Now the egg that Bob Carnegie threw.  Alan says this was a stunt.
Everything that day was a stunt.  He talked about an "ultra left wankathon"
being prevented by the DSP. The DSP used the chair of that rally to make
something like 20 speeches and that nearly all their membership spoke.
This was almost a filibuster.

Ultra left is straight from the lexicon of Stalinism.  It is no coincidence
that Alan uses it.  The DSP sees itself performing the role of the "Party"
- anyone critical of the "Party" line becomes "ultra left" because the
party is the repository of all truth.

Have we learned nothing from the Stalinist fiasco?  The Stalinists operated
in the fashion of liberal to those on their right and murderous and
slanderous to those on their left.  Is Alan heading down that path?

Final thoughts on the egg.  It exposed the role of the Queensland state.
The cops rushed into to protect Indonesian property. For a moment the
liberal patina that has been spread over the whole issue of East Timor was
clearly ripped away. Compare that with the DSP's "send in our boys".

 I like the image of sharks circling the wounded leviathan - Indonesia.
However I am not at all sure that the USA wants to break up the Indonesian
state.  Certainly Australia has done all it can to prevent such a scenario
unfolding.  I am inclined to think that the real aim of Australian soldiers
being on the archipelago is to help stabilize the situation during its most
dangerous phase - the reform of the oligarchy. However I am by no means
certain about this.  In any case the Indonesian military has suffered a
huge humiliation and the situation is still very volatile.



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