new age for Aussie imperialism?

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Thu Sep 16 00:15:45 MDT 1999

Gary writes:

>I urge listmembers to check out The Australian or the Brisbane Courier Mail
>- - they're on the web and you will see ample proof of Phil's analysis.
>There is a real feeling of chauvinism circulating within Australia. It is
>also quite racist towards Indonesians.  Depressing really.  There is a
>rally on Saturday called by the Left and it will be small.

Yes, the DSP seems to have forgotten that when you call for your ruling
class to use their troops in the Third World, you are likely to unleash
some very nasty sentiments against the people inhabiting the country your
ruling class is teaching a lesson to.

While the Australian intervention puts Jakarta in its place, in terms of
who really calls the shots in SE Asia, a 'popular' offshoot is likely to be
an increase in racism towards Indonesians in general.

I am also curious to know what the left, including the DSP, is raising as
demands now.  For instance, when the Aussie troops land in East Timor, what
will the DSP slogan be?  Having helped get the imperialist troops there,
will they have some new demands about what these troops should do?  How
about this one: 'Don't Stop There!  On to Jakarta!'

In any case, can we assume such further demands will, like the demands for
intervention, be designed to 'expose' the 'unwillingness' of the Australian
ruling class to intervene?

Philip Ferguson

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