[Fwd: Egyptian art show]

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Sep 19 11:54:09 MDT 1999

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> >
> >On the contrary I believe our historians have been imposing their own
> >views of common labourers in more modern and particularly capitalist
> >times of how  they assume ancient ruling classes treated their workers.
> >One hesitates to idealize those ancient societies, but I believe the
> >grunts who raised the massive rocks in the Pyramids were able to take as
> >much pride and satisfaction in the precise placing of their huge rocks
> >as did the sculpters who carved  statues of Pharoahs.with such skill and
> >artistic sensitivity.
> >
> What has always struck me in my studies of the works of the Egyptian era is
> the immensity of it all. . . .

It would take a lot more than an (inevitably) anachronistic aesthetic
of Egyptian art to change my perspective on the pyramids, the gothic
catherals, Tibetan butter scultpure, and the World Trade Center as
all of a kind: dripping with human blood.


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