Art and Politics in Latin America

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Sun Sep 19 18:47:03 MDT 1999

The fact that I failed to pursue recent threads on Art and Politics in
due to the fact that I'm presently writing a book on Visual Arts and
Politics in Modern Latin America - with emphasis on the Brazilian case,
where since the 20s there were attempts to create some form of social
realism based on what the modernist Oswald de Andrade called
"anthropofagy" of a future Brazilian culture. Browsing through the
existing literature, however, I ran across a manifesto written in
Argentina in 1925 by the poet Vicente Huidobro, that lounches a plea for
a "constructive" Lat. Am. art, but "constructive" is here, I think, mant
as an entirely personal, inwardly-looking artistic consciousness, based
in the Kantian notion of the Sublime as a purely intellectal phenomenon.
I don't know nothing about Huidobro, and would like to ask Nestor and
Julio, as well as other list-mates, about what were his political


Carlos Rebello

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