otherisr at SPAMactcom.co.il otherisr at SPAMactcom.co.il
Sat Sep 18 10:19:26 MDT 1999


This is to say goodbye

We are probably not the only ones who struggle with email overflow - not so
much of the mailbox, but of our limited human capacity.

In order to help ourselves (and maybe others) we decided - among other things -
to unsubscribe from this list. This is the last you will get from us.

So if you want to receive the information about the Israeli peace movement also
in the future, then please send a short message to: otherisr at actcom.co.il

Adam & Beate

P.S. If you don't remember who we are but by now have become curious, you can
also ask for a one time example of our peace movement briefings.

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