Sorting Out the Enemy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Sep 16 15:18:50 MDT 1999

>    It seems a degree of imperial self-criticism as well as the
>generational shift from Reagan/Thatcher to Clinton/Blair has proved
>remarkably successful in forming a new ideology around imperial
>domination, differentiating the new, humanitarian intervention from the
>bad, old, anti-communist kind.

There's actually nothing "new" about the stance of Clinton and his Labor
Party allies. It actually is a return to the way that imperialism
intervened prior to October, 1917. If you study the speeches of American
imperialists (that's actually what they called themselves) during the
period leading up to the Spanish-American War, it is pervaded with moral
outrage about Spanish cruelty. The Hearst press had articles on the front
page every day detailing the real brutality directed against the poor
islanders. Woodrow Wilson prepared for US entry into WWI by stressing the
need to create a new world order based on respect for the rights of small
nations. It would probably be a good idea to study the speeches and
articles of people like Carl Schurz, Mark Twain and William James to get
clues about how to formulate our opposition. James wrote, "God damn the US
for its vile conduct in the Philippine Isles."

Louis Proyect

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