[Fwd: Egyptian art show]

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Sep 19 14:43:17 MDT 1999

M A Jones wrote:

> I find Gerald Van totally persuasive. What's yr problem with the great
> Ruskin, Yoshie my darling?

My wife and I have visited the Metropolitan twice -- and both times she
cringed at the entrance: all those objects which had been plundered 4 or
5 times on their route to the Met and had been the result of brutal
exploitation to begin with. There are medieval columns with the carver's
name carved on them -- which is nice I suppose: until one begins to
think of the enormous surplus ripped from the peasantry to feed,
clothe, etc. the actual laborers. And nothing we know about medieval
life suggests those laborers were treated very nicely. And it is such
a surplus one sees in the pyramids, and no conceivable "work of art"
can hide that surplus or where it came from.

Hatred of modern exploiters does not require sentimentality over pre-
capitalist exploitation and oppression.


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