On the debate between Nestor and Joao

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Wed Sep 15 20:51:39 MDT 1999

Re: The discussion between Nestor and Joao:

It was a privilige to read this level of debate and it vastly increases my
gratitude to Lou for the gift of this list.

By contrast I am ashamed of the petty sniping my opponents here in
Australia were reduced to. Instead of an intelligent discussion of ideas we
had blanket assertions by the pro-DSP reservists - Alan and Ambrose- that I
was 'wrong'.  No discussion of course - just 'wrong'.

Then we had the heavy brigade of the DSP wheel in to say their critics were
'armchair critics' and 'slumbering sectarians' who didn't care about the

Phil has thrown down the gauntlet to the DSP over their support for
Australian intervention.  Let me predict confidently he will not be answered.



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