East Timor

ambrose andrews ambrosea369 at SPAMyahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 23:12:08 MDT 1999

--- George Pennefather <poseidon at tinet.ie> wrote:
> George: You misunderstand. I never suggested that
> the masses in a given country should
> subordinate "their" struggle to that of the of the
> masses in another country. Study what I
> say.
> Alan: Fortunately, the Timorese masses do not
> share George's analysis.
> George: Fortunately Alan you can comfortably sit
> back  and say this since it is not you
> and your family that are being physically attacked
> and even brutally eliminated. It is
> easy to smugly sit back and applaud the actions of
> East Timorese when it is not your house
> that is being burned. After all what do you care
> --chauvinism at its worst or best.

What is this?


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