Qadaffi - one of ours? was Re: More on "third world fascism"

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Wed Sep 15 23:27:27 MDT 1999

>Interesting, yet again, Mac.  But do not forget Qadaffi's role in the
>destruction of the communist coup in Sudan.  He intercepted the leaders
>coming from London, handed them over to Numeiri and they were subesquently
>all hung.

I know nothing of this story. I've a few questions- who was in power in the
Sudan at the time, what year was it, and, most importantly what kind of
communists are they? i.e.. pro-Soviet, Chinese ? Why was a coup, rather than
a good ol' insurrection neccessay at the time? Just trying to get a full


How many times have I wondered if it really possible to forge links with a
mass of people when one has never had strong feelings for anyone, not even
one's own parents; if it is possible to have a collectivity when one has not
been deeply loved oneself by individual human creatures. Hasn't this had
some effect on my life as a militant- has it not tended to make me sterile
and reduce my quality as a revolutionary by making everything a matter of
pure intellect, of pure mathematical calculation?
       ---Antonio Gramsci, 1926.

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