Slavery in the Ancient World, was Re: More on "third world fascism"

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Sep 16 11:44:53 MDT 1999

The last 50 years have been highly productive in fine historical studies
the ancient mediterranean, and there is a considerable literature aiming

at establishing the exact role (or non-role) of slavery in different
of that history. Here are a few of them.

G. E. M. De Ste. Croix, *The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World
    from the Archaic Age to the Arab Conquests* (as the title suggests,
    covers the whole period of Roman history too, though the emphasis
    are on the Greek speaking areas of the empire)

M.I. Finley, *Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology*

Ellen Meiksins Wood, *Peasant-Citizen & Slave: The Foundations of
    Athenian Democracy* (contains a critique of De Croix's  account
    of Athenian slavery)

(Wood's book contains an excellent bibliography of other studies of
slavery and of ancient Greek histories.)


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