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To the IIRE: please forward this - if it is possible - to the
Australian and Indonesian comrades, as well as to theEuropean
sections of the 4th(whose e-mail adresses we don´t have, I don't know
why). Thanks, Sérgio Vitorino


The PSR, portuguese section of the 4th International has been
envolved, in the last few days, in huge national popular
mobilizations for the end of the massacres in East Timor. hese were
the bigger mass demonstrations ever since the portuguese revolution,
in 1975, envolving more 100 thousand people in Lisbon. Although part
of the appeals for these demonstrations came from the portuguese
media, government and state institutions, these mobilizations were so
huge and spontaneous that there was no possible centralized political
direction. The traditional political parties were completely
overlaped during the process. The main demand of the masses, since
the begining, was the respect for the results of the referendum held
in East Timor and a UN intervention in East Timor, a demand that we
have supported as the only imediate way of stopping the massacres. It
was also clear, from the begining, that the massacres were being
develloped by the indonesian occupation forces and that the so-called
militias were an invention of the Indonesian army. Untill Sunday,
when Jakarta finally accepted the UN intervention, these
demonstrations were also accompanied by a very visible anti-american
feeling. Most people were able to compare the american position on
Kosovo and the american position on East Timor, concluding, at least,
that there was a duplicity of criteriums. During the hole process,
the PSR was permanently in contact with the CNRT - the National
Council of the East Timorese Resistance - members in Portugal,
adequating our positions to the imediate demands of the resistance,
among wich was the UN intervention. It is very important for the PSR,
as well as to the development of this spontaneous movement- and we
have forgotten it for same days, because we were so requested by the
people on the streets - that we keep a very close contact with the
4th International sections on East Timor, specially the Australian
and Indonesian sections - for obvious reasons - and even the European
sections (so that we know wich protesting iniciatives are being held
and - particularly, so that we have all the information about the
selling of arms to the indonesian regime by european governments).
Please, keep us informed. We will continue to send our reports on the

I am now sending you the last press release of the Left Block (in
wich the PSR is integrated) on the situation in East Timor. The PSR
chose to act as Left Block only, because these whole events are
happening precisely when the national election's campaign was being
held in Portugal:

«Yesterday´s declarations of the indonesian president, Habibie,
accepting the entrance of a peace force of the United Nations in
Timor Lorosae, constitutes a significant defeat of the indonesian
dictatorship that occupies the territory since 24 years ago with the
cumplicity of the United States of America and the whole of the
«international comunity».

This defeat was possible, on one hand, thanks to the heroic
resistance of the people of Timor Lorosae and its figth, during
decades, for auto-determination and indepandance. The massive
mobilizations and the results of the referendum of August 30th show
clearly what the Timor Lorosae's people want. The indonesian's
position defeat was also possible trough the amazing popular
international mobilization of the last few days.

In efforts that took new expression forms, revolt took the streets
forcing the most powerful governmants of the world, specially the
USA, to look to Timor Lorosae and stop the return of the silence of
te cemiteries. We have allowed the reinforcement of the diplomatic
pressure for the end of the massacres and for the respect of the
Timorese people's will. This first success prooves that popular
mobilization was and still is the great force that can determine the
course of history. The decision of deploying a UN peace force cannot
stop this solidarity fitgh. The people of East Timor needs urgent
supllies and medical and humanitarium assistance. The murderes are
still in the territory, developing their politics of burned land,
forced deportations of thousand of timorese and fisically eliminating
the leaders and fighters of the resistance, of CNRT and FALINTIL. The
responsibles for these massacres are still freely walking at the
corridors of the international diplomacy, gaining tuime in order to
pursue their genocide plan. Enough of wasted time! It is necessary to
act now. The imediate disponibility of some countries to participate
in the UN force demonstrates that it is possible to have that force
in East Timor in the next 72 hours. The humanitarium help can arrive
imediatly to the territory and to the refugee camps of East and
Western Timor if the necessary means are deployed. (...) The army,
the police and the militias cannot continue killing. The
international comunity cannot accept - under no argument - the
maintenance of more than 20,000 murderers of the Timorese people in
its territory. One cannot make the same mistake twice. The Left Block
has spoken clearly when the New York agreemnet was signed by the UN
and by the portuguese and indonesian government: the genocides of 24
years of occupation were then presented as the guardions of the
timorese people's security. Now, the entrance of the UN force must be
accompanied by the total and imediate retreat of the indonesian
forces that occupie East Timor! The UN forces have to assure the
imediate and safe return of the thousands of refugees, of the leaders
and speakers of the resistance, and of comander Xanana Gusmão, as
well as the imediate disarmement of the pro-integration militias.

The responsables for the massacres and deportations must respond to a
International Court for the accusation of genocide and extermination
of the people of Timor Lorosae.







13 de Setembro de 1999
Bloco de Esquerda

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