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Did anybody mention the importance of workers living away from their
families in labor camps?  I might have missed it if they did.
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No Michael it was not mentioned and this observation is extremely important.
With globalization and IMF-like measures forcing highly volatile labor
mobility at increasing distances from families of workers, and given that
workers are more highly dispersed over greater distances than any
informational and preventative measures could be dispersed, and givne normal
sexual appetities and drives, and given that prostitutes are highly mobile
and/or people seek substitutes when at long distance, all of these add up to
mounting AIDS epidemics among the most vulnerable to the vicissitudes of
imperialism who must be the most mobile to live.

In India, for example, and I remember when there was no AIDS and I remember
when it started, the main transmission mechanisms were/are: long-distance
lorry drivers using prostitutes and bringing AIDS home; poverty-driven
hetero and gay prostitution in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and
elsewhere; sexual tourism primarily from Europe; tainted blood supplies due
to lack of state-of-the-art blood screening for transfusions;

But as with everything else under imperialism, the precious resources
including scientists, necessary for the war on AIDS, are all induced and
locked up in the "rich countries" working for those who will ultimately
selectively charge for or make available, state-of-the-art medicines that
will invariably and disproportionately go to the rich, comfortable and white
or mostly white while they hope that the poor and marginalized just go off
somewhere and die.

Jim C.

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