On the debate between Nestor and Joao

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Thu Sep 16 16:23:02 MDT 1999

> From: Gary MacLennan
> By contrast I am ashamed of the petty sniping my opponents here in
> Australia were reduced to. Instead of an intelligent discussion of ideas
> had blanket assertions by the pro-DSP reservists - Alan and Ambrose- that
> was 'wrong'.  No discussion of course - just 'wrong'.

I'm not particularly interested in this discussion, but here goes:

I have provided many examples of where I disagree with Gary, both in his
interpretation of how the DSP operates, and in his account of the Brisbane
rally that he, Ambrose and I all attended.

Given the heated tone of Gary's posts, I haven't been bothering to engage
him in depth - flame wars aren't very interesting.  Instead, I have been
attempting to address matters of genuine importance.

Alan Bradley
alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

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