On defeatism, patriotic war, humanitarian butchers, etc

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at SPAMsisurb.filo.uba.ar
Thu Sep 16 17:17:02 MDT 1999

El 16 Sep 99 a las 7:13, Borba100 at aol.com nos dice(n):

> If there is NOT a "plot", that is, a policy, worked out by
> people, with interests - then why are Solano, Clinton, the
> BBC, Holbrook, the Australian ruling class etc. calling
> for intervention? Why is the super-controlled Western
> media in an uproar?  Do they care about East TImorese?
> Them with other people's feet in their mouth?  Or is this
> a quarrel over who gets the spoils?

There is no need for a plot, in fact, Jared. It is the
objectivity of the situation, which expresses itself as
class instinct (that is, a pre-conscious immediate and
almost Pavlovian answer to certain situations). This is a
wonderful example of how do social structures express
themselves through the independent and free decissions made
by the classes or their representatives.

Le mort saisit le vif.

But it is almost certain that once the immediate
coincidence is recognized, fast communications may begin to
shape a policy and generate a common, clearly stated,


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