Sorting Out the Enemy

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Sep 16 20:15:34 MDT 1999

>       Like the illusions the Australian ruling class entertained about
>the Indonesian military ?
>       I simply repeat, that the East Timorese seem to have been left out
>of much of this analysis.
>       And there has always been a strong groundswell of support for the
>East Timorese within Australia which (despite Indonesian paranoia) was not
>based on anti-Indonesian and chauvinistic nationalist sentiment - this may
>not be immediately apparent to the non-Australian listers.
>                       Regards
>                               Warwick

Hi Warwick!

We disagree and quite strongly on this issue, but that's all one as long as
we continue to debate it out in a comradely manner.  At the official rally
in Brisbane hosted by the Mayor Jim Soorley, one  of the official speakers
attacked Indonesians in a highly racist way.

The pictures of the Aussie soldiers and the interviews with the Officer in
Command have all brought us back to the glorious days of Anzacs went the
diggers went abroad to sort out the "wogs"..  The time of national
chauvinism is rising.

Now you say we are leaving out the Timorese.  They were left out by the
very same forces that are sending in the troops.  It is naive to believe
that any Australian Govt cared about the killings.  they have know all
along what Indonesia was up to and they have supported the Indonesian Army
all the way.  Now thanks to the DSP the very same armed that trained the
Butchers comes up smelling of roses.

Suddenly Australian from being a pro-Imperialist power is "humanitarian"
and to oppose them is cruel and heartless.

Bullshit, Warwick. True Bullshit.

still warmest of regards


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