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Fri Sep 17 10:25:08 MDT 1999

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Gary:
> >Generally their silence around this issue is ominous. It does not speak
> >well for them that they will not defend their line other than through
> >proxies or through abuse.

Nothing Philip Ferguson, Gary MacLennon or Lou Proyect alters what I
previously posted (thus the ``ominous'' silence), so I'll repeat it:

``1) The Indonesian military and its proxy death squads (militia's) are
systematically exterminating the pro-independence East Timorese NOW. The
existance of the Timorese liberation movement is at stake. The urgency
of situation is that a key component of the revolutionay movement in the
region is in danger of physical annihlation and that could be achieved
in the space of weeks ... ''

Phil et al remain silent on this fundamental point. Safely coccooned
within dogmatic slogans, you are prepared to allow the Timorese movement
to be wiped out without proposing anything that would put an immediate
stop to it. Trade union bans, sanctions, a stop to arms sales etc. would
take months if not years to make an impact (if the West would impose
them) and in the meantime the independence movement would be crushed and
moves to an independent East Timor set back another 25 years (to the
quiet delight of imperialism).

UN troops can prevent that wholesale slaughter, allow the the Timorese
and their armed fighters to come down from the mountains and begin to
rebuild a country that was allowed to be shattered by the militias even
though the Australian and US and other imperialist goverenments knew
that the slaughter and destruction would take place once the people of
East Timor voted for independence. The Australian government covertly
approved of that course of events.

It was only the mass sympathy of the Australian working people,
organised in large part by the DSP through Action in Solidarity with
Indonesia and East Timor, that *forced* Canberra to act against its own
policy. I agree with the Portuguese comrades and Warwick Fry on this, so
need not repeat it. (Careful Warwick, you'll be now called a DSP
``proxy'' rather than an intelligent, independent activist who has the
brains to work things out -- good thing Gary does not stoop to abuse).

``2) Jakarata, Canberra, Washington's and London's refusal to put a stop
to the slaughter was a continuation of their 45-year support for the
murderous Indonesian regime by western imperialism. To demand that
Western governments put a stop to it, to live up to their
``humanitarian'' rhetoric does not sow illusions in imperialism but
exposes the hypocrisy of it and the fact that imperialism is willing to
allow the East Timorese liberation movement to be crushed.''

The task now is is ensure that the mass pressure that we have built in
Australia to force the government to allow the East Timorese to
implement their act of self determination is maintained so that Canberra
does not sabotage or undermine it. There are no guarantees but at a
minimum, the independence movement physically survives and the people of
East Timor are able to decide where their nation goes from here.

Australian imperialism's strategic goal in the region has been to build
a political and military alliance with the Indonesian regime. That has
been weakened by the Australian people's response to the ET crisis. That
is also a gain. Of course, rightwing elements want to whip up an
anti-Indonesian people atmosphere. That can be countered by continuing
solidarity with the Indonesian democracy movement and its most radical

Solidarity remains the key.

Yes, Green Left Weekly does best convey the positions of the DSP. I make
no apologies to say that producing GLW, building the DSP and ASIET and
the myriad of other tasks takes priority over sitting in front of
computer screens for many hours a day. If that irks some people, so be

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