Solidarity site for East Timor

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Fri Sep 17 20:52:22 MDT 1999

Solidarity site for East Timor

By Cam Parker

The Democratic Socialist Party has established a new Web site for East Timor
solidarity activists. As Australian troops prepare to lead an international
force into East Timor, activists need to keep up-to-date on the unfolding
situation, especially as the need to bring to justice the war criminals of
the Indonesian military, their thugs and political collaborators is made
more urgent.

Featuring revealing quotes from politicians, statements of solidarity from
parties and progressive individuals from around the world -- including
the Socialist Party of East Timor, Noam Chomsky and the People's Democratic
Party of Indonesia -- and an extensive links page, the site aims to
activate the solidarity movement around the demand of forcing the Australian
government to reverse its policy of supporting the Indonesian military and
to stop turning its back on East Timor. A calendar of solidarity events also

Found at, the site has an especially useful search
engine as it indexes two other Web sites: all this year's copies of Green
Left Weekly ( and the daily news archive of Action in
Solidarity with
Indonesia and East Timor (

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