New Age for Aussie Imperialism?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Sep 15 20:30:49 MDT 1999

I urge listmembers to check out The Australian or the Brisbane Courier Mail
- they're on the web and you will see ample proof of Phil's analysis.
There is a real feeling of chauvinism circulating within Australia. It is
also quite racist towards Indonesians.  Depressing really.  There is a
rally on Saturday called by the Left and it will be small.


Phil wrote

>Perhaps someone from the DSP can now explain to the list how the DSP
>position - Australian Troops In Now! - has succeeded in 'exposing' the
>Australian government as being *unwilling* to intervene and weakened the
>power of Aussie imperialism?
>For those of us dreary old-fashioned Marxists who think Marxism means being
>anti-imperialist, this intervention is a disaster,  It takes us back to the
>early 1960s, pre-Vietnam, when imperialists could intervene whenever and
>wherever they liked.  It will make future interventions easier than ever,
>as the banner under which intervention takes place these days is not the
>old gunboat diplomacy of the 1800s and 1900s, but rather the banner of
>'humanitarianism', a new-age 'white man's burden'.
>Philip Ferguson

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