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> Subject: Indonesian Unionists back East Timor freedom struggle
> Date: Wednesday, 15 September 1999 11:51
> (The following statement was sent to ACTION IN SOLIDARITY WITH INDONESIA
> FNPBI statement on East Timor
> The ballot, offered as a way to resolve the 24-year old crisis in East
> has been completed.  The results show that the Timorese people reject the
> special autonomy offered by the Indonesian government and have chosen to
> a free nation.
> The Timorese struggle to be a free nation have gone on for many centuries
> against Portuguese colonialism and then against the militaristic
> government.  They have paid a high price, both physically and materially
> wage that struggle.  The Indonesian military invasion since 1975 has cost
> more than 200,000 lives and led to many human rights abuses including
> beatings and rapes.  The international community's response to the
> acts of Indonesia depended on the Cold War interests of each country at
> time.
> After the ballot was completed and  a series massacres of
> forces, UN staff and journalists by pro-integration militia members
> (supported by Indonesian military and police) commenced, the
> community has again taken a position on the issue of East Timor.  In this
> case, the international community has condemned the Indonesian government
> who are thought of as no longer able to provide security  in the
> Condemnation and international pressure has come from Australia from its
> government and through the call for bans on Indonesian products by
> Australian trade unions.  In one instance, there was even the incident of
> flag burning at a demonstration outside an Indonesian consulate.  The
> response to this by several forces was to retaliate and burn the
> flag and to invade the Australian Embassy in Indonesia.
> These actions show the low level of understanding of the history of the
> struggle in East Timor and the shifting of the conflict from the
> carried out in East Timor to a conflict between two countries.
> In responding to the situation that has arisen since the ballot in East
> Timor, the National Front for Indonesian Labour Struggle (FNBPI) hereby
> express:
> * Our full support for the results of the ballot in East Timor, as a
> reflection of the aspirations of the East Timorese to determine their own
> fate
> * Our condemnation of the anti democratic acts committed by the
> forces of TNI and POLRI (Indonesian police)
> * Our condemnation of all acts of murder and destruction by TNI and POLRI
> committed against the innocent civilians of East Timor
> * Our condemnation of all acts of violence by TNI and POLRI which have
> driven out the Timorese from their own country
> The FNPBI therefore demand:
> * Immediate withdrawal of TNI and POLRI from East Timor
> * Disbanding of militias which are supported and armed by TNI and POLRI
> * Formation and entry of international peacekeeping forces into East
> * That all forces to respect the results of the ballot which is a
> of the aspirations of the Timorese
> * End to all support given by the Indonesian government to the militias
> * End to the sending of Indonesian security forces to East Timor
> We declare our full support for all the solidarity actions and strikes
> conducted by trade unions worldwide.
> We call on the international community, especially the workers to
> pressure on the Indonesian government through strikes/industrial action,
> economic sanctions and other forms of pressure.
> Jakarta 11 September 1999
> National Front for Indonesian Labour Struggle
> Dita Indah Sari
> Chairperson
> Ilham Syah
> General Secretary
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