Learsi, the birth of a state (was Re: East Timor)

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Nestor (and others):

I am absolutely ignorant on the history of Belize. I only know it as the
smallest C American country (speaking english, as well[?]).
Please continue fascinating me with further information.



>Allow me to illustrate the issue with an example. I do not know
>if something like this actually happenned, but I can guess similar
>declarations may have come from the Belize leaders when the oligarchic
>regime in Guatemala renounced to the long-standing (in
>fact, a continuation of the Spain-England feud) claim on
>Belize (formerly British Honduras).  That the Guatemalan
>regime was right-wing or progressive is almost completely
>unimportant here. In fact, the progressive government by
>Colonel Jacobo Arbenz (the one that the CIA-sponsored coup
>of 1954 destroyed, thus beginning the bloodbath in
>Guatemala that is still going on somehow or other) was one
>of the most vocal defenders of the sovereignty of Guatemala
>on what today is Belize.  The recognition was not a defeat for
>the right-wing regime, it was a defeat of the Guatemalan
>people, and it was the result of the sepoy regime they were
>suffering.  It is also a defeat for Belizans themselves,
>but on a different tune. We all live under the conditions
>of capitalist fetishism of commodities, but there is a
>difference between the way poor M. Camdessus endures it,
>and me.

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