On defeatism, patriotic war, humanitarian butchers, etc

Borba100 at SPAMaol.com Borba100 at SPAMaol.com
Thu Sep 16 05:13:01 MDT 1999

If there is NOT a "plot", that is, a policy, worked out by people, with
interests - then why are Solano, Clinton, the BBC, Holbrook, the Australian
ruling class etc. calling for intervention? Why is the super-controlled
Western media in an uproar?  Do they care about East TImorese?   Them with
other people's feet in their mouth?  Or is this a quarrel over who gets the

Getting back to the Indosenian revolutionaries,SIMPLY urging defeatism when
the US and Austrlia appear to be fighting over who gets in (and who gets
WHAT) first - will make them appear to be servants of Australian interests.
Why desert anti-imperialism to the "discarded cronies of the US and

Here's an interesting question.  Are the Indoensian discarded pawns of
imperialism so very different from the Kuomintang at the time when the
Chinese reds launched their "patriotic war" line?  Just a thought for


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