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Wed Sep 15 21:54:37 MDT 1999

September 15, 1999

Dear Cuba Advocate:

Our victory in the Senate in August authorizing the sale of food and
medicine to Cuba (the Ashcroft Amendment) is in jeopardy.  The Ashcroft
amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill (see my message of
August 6) goes to conference with the House possibly as soon as early
next week.  The conference committee must reconcile differences between
the House and Senate versions of the Agriculture Appropriations bill.
The House has no provision in its bill prohibiting unilateral sanctions
on the sale of food and medicine.  Republican leadership is putting
pressure on the House conferees to amend the Ashcroft language to add
severe conditions on the sale of food and medicine to Cuba (but not
applying to other countries on the U.S.'s "terrorist" list).

If you live in one of the following states, your immediate action is
crucial.  Even if you are not from one of these states or are not a
constituent of the following conferees, please call, fax, or e-mail as
many of them as possible to make your voice heard.  The message to
convey follows the listing of conferees.

The states and conferees are as follows:

CALIFORNIA--Feinstein (D-CA), 202/224-3841; fax 202/228-3954;
<senator at>
IOWA--Harkin (D-IA), 202/224-3254; fax 202/224-9369;
<tom_harkin at>
ILLINOIS--Durbin (D-IL), 202/224-2152; fax 202/228-0400;
<dick at>
KENTUCKY--McConnell (R-KY), 202/224-2541; fax 202/224-2499;
<senator at>
MISSISSIPPI--Cochran (R-MO), 202/224-5054; fax 202/224-9450;
<senator at>
MISSOURI--Bond (R-MO), 202/224-5721; fax 202/224-8149;
<kit_bond at>
MONTANA--Burns (R-MT), 202/224-2644; fax 202/224-8594;
<conrad_burns at>
NORTH DAKOTA--Dorgan (D-ND), 202/224-2551; fax 202/224-1193;
<senator at>
PENNSYLVANIA--Specter (R-PA), 202/224-4254; fax 202/228-1229;
<senator_specter at>
WASHINGTON--Gorton (R-WA), 202/224-3441; fax 202/224-9393;
<senator_gorton at>
WISCONSIN--Kohl (D-WI), 202/224-5653; fax 202/224-9787;
<senator_kohl at>

House of Representatives:
ARKANSAS--Dickey (R-AR), 202/225-3772; fax 202/225-1314;
<talk2jay at>
CALIFORNIA--Farr (D-CA), 202/225-2861; fax 202/225-6791;
<samfarr at>
CONNECTICUT--DeLauro (D-CT), 202/225-3661; fax 202/225-4890; no e-mail
FLORIDA--Boyd (D-FL), 202/225-5235; fax 202/225-5615;
<rep.boyd at>
GEORGIA--Kingston (R-GA), 202/225-5831; fax 202/226-2269; no e-mail
IOWA--Latham (R-IA), 202/225-5476; fax 202/225-3301;
<latham.ia05 at>
MISSOURI--Emerson (R-MO), 202/225-4404; fax 202/226-0326;
<joann.emerson at>
NEW MEXICO--Skeen (R-NM), 202/225-2365; fax 202/225-9599; no e-mail
NEW YORK--Hinchey (D-NY), 202/225-6335; fax 202/226-0774;
<mhinchey at>
NEW YORK--Walsh (R-NY), 202/225-3701; fax 202/225-4042;
<rep.james.walsh at>
OHIO--Kaptur (D-OH), 202/225-4146; fax 202/225-7711;
<rep.kaptur at>
TEXAS--Bonilla (R-TX), 202/225-4511; fax 202/225-2237; no e-mail
WASHINGTON--Nethercutt (R-WA), 202/225-2006; fax 202/225-3392;
<george.nethercutt-pub at>

The message to convey to the senator or representative is:
1) Please support the Ashcroft Amendment to the Agriculture
Appropriations bill in the conference committee;
2) Do not remove Cuba from the amendment;
3) Strongly oppose and refuse any additional restrictions or conditions
on the sale of food and medicine to Cuba;
4) The sale of food and medicine to Cuba is a humanitarian issue
distinct from the U.S.'s political position on Cuba;
5) The amendment will assist U.S. farmers during a time of crisis in the
agriculture community.

Your voice is urgently needed NOW!  Not only are we in danger of losing
Cuba from the Ashcroft Amendment, but we could actually go backward in
our foreign policy toward Cuba if the additional restrictions are
accepted.  Please call today!


Mavis Anderson
Latin America Working Group
manderson at

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