Replying to Alan & thoughts on Jarred's thesis

Jonathan Flanders jon_flanders at
Mon Sep 13 07:31:10 MDT 1999

>> However I am not at all sure that the USA wants to break up the
state.  Certainly Australia has done all it can to prevent such a scenario
unfolding. <<

Right, Gary. Looking at it from the USA is certainly appears that the
Washington intervenes to keep its ties with the Indonesian military.

They can say, "See, we saved the Timorese, using our leverage with our
friends, so that is why we will continue our relationship."

Its a bit premature, I think, to predict that the breakup of Indonesia is
now the imperial goal. They need the Indonesian military to keep the
political situation under control.

I just heard Alan Nairn on Pacifica's "Democracy Now", and thankfully he is
very negative about the deployment of Australian and US troops. He
considers that it would be a disaster for E. Timorese independence.

This is important, because here in the US, he is the authorative voice on
the left on Indonesia.

Jon Flanders

Jon Flanders

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