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Craven, Jim jcraven at SPAMclark.edu
Wed Sep 15 16:33:29 MDT 1999

     Most of your points in this message are well taken.
But I am a bit perplexed regarding the question of
HIV.  Quite aside from whether the rate of infection is
as high as you say, although it may be that high in a
few countries, I fail to see what that has to do with
imperialism.  Last I checked most people think that
HIV was initially contracted by humans in Africa probably
from chimpanzees, probably while killing them to eat.
     You're not going to give us some theory that HIV is
a Jewish doctors' plot to wipe out people of color are you?
I hope not.
     I would grant that poverty and related weak immune
systems make people more susceptible to dying from HIV,
although it is unclear that it makes them more susceptible
to contracting HIV in the first place, although maybe it does.
If there is a link with imperialism, that would be it.  Is
imperialism responsible for the failures of some of these
countries to implement strong condom and safe sex programs?
Barkley Rosser

Hi Barkley,

Uh no I'm not going to give you the "Jewish Doctors" plot as I have neither
anti-Semitism nor such garbage concepts in me. I will however give you the
imperial "plot" to divert critical resources to compliant elites rather than
to desperately-needed programs in epidemiology, prevention, sanitation etc;
I will give you the imperial "plot" to vacuum out and transfer to the
metropoles the best minds and other critical resources necessary in the
fight against AIDS and such diseases; I will give you the imperial "plot" to
engineeer unconscionable terms of aid/trade/loans that result in net
outflows of critical financial resources that could be employed in a variety
of ways in the war against AIDS; I will give you the imperial "plot" to
engineer "Third World" educational systems that serve to create and train
compliant clones/sycophants of US imperial ideology rather than self-reliant
scientists capable to launching local-conditions-sensitive campaigns against
AIDS; I will give you the imperial "plot" to reinforce systems and images
that keep women and children down, servile, dependent, vulnerable and
exploited and vulnerable to conditions and vicissitudes that create and
exacerbate all sorts of horrors including AIDS; I will give you the imperial
plot to export to the "Third World" all sorts of inferior and dangerous
drugs not allowed for sale in the imperial metropoles while denying and
making prohibitive in cost the most effective drugs and treatment regimes; I
will give you the imperial plot to use UN and other international agencies
charged with dealing with global epidemics for other more narrow and more
mercenary and more pro-imperialist purposes; I will give you the imperial
"plot" to arm and train death squads that keep in power kleptocracies and
brutal regimes that insulate the privileged while hoping for--and
abetting--AIDS  killing off the poor and oppressed; etc etc.

Jim C

BTW these long lines and panicking consumers rushing to get batteries,
canned foods etc and these long lines of traffic leaving Florida and South
Carolina look like images from the "old" USSR. Must be that capitalism and
markets have failed in Florida and south Carolina eh? What's this stuff
about "context" and history anyway? ;-)

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