New Age for Aussie Imperialism?

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Thu Sep 16 17:02:06 MDT 1999

Gary writes:

>At the trade union rally on Tuesday which was smaller than expected, a DSP
>speaker mentioned Falantil.  She praised them for not fighting, for as she
>put it "keeping their side of the bargain".  She said we should be treat
>them well and not disarm them.  There was no call for them to be recognized
>as the legitimate liberation forces of East Timor. Perhaps there is some
>anxiety about what the Australian army will actually do.

Do you think maybe the penny is starting to drop?

An important point here is that Gary and I know from first-hand experience
- namely, British 'peacekeepers' and 'protectors' in the occupied territory
in Ireland - that getting imperialist troops to go into places to 'save the
natives' is pretty easy.  Controlling them and getting to leave is a whole
other bag of heavy weaponry.

Philip Ferguson

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