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Fri Sep 17 16:47:17 MDT 1999

> Just a curiousity:  apparently China is sending troops as part of the
> >'peace-keeping' intervention.  This will, of course put part of the PLA
> >under imperialist command - a most unusual situation.
> >
> >Alan Bradley
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> That's more than a curiosity- that's a huge development. Where'd you get
> this?
> Macdonald

The Chinese presence was on the TV news last night (Thursday - the channel
was SBS), but wasn't mentioned in today's  bourgeois newspapers in the
lists of who was involved.

John Edmundson wrote:
PS. China is evidently sending only civilian police, not PLA forces.

This would probably account for the inconsistency.  It's still a case of
elements of an arguably socialist state apparatus under imperialist
command.  Very weird!

Alan Bradley
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