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Fri Sep 17 15:44:07 MDT 1999

>From: Warwick Kenneth Fry <wfry10 at scu.edu.au>
>On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
>And the "solution" of the DSP is exactly to make sure the movement gets
> > exterminated once and for all. You seem to believe that preserving the
> > of revolutionaries is more important than the revolution itself.
> >    Well, as obnoxious as it may be to say it this way, I'd be happy to
> > to make a revolution. I'd be ashamed to call the American army to save
> > life from Canadian cops. I'm not even in an oppressed nation, either!
>My mind is boggling - these are almost exactly the same words the
>reactionary labour PM Bill Hayden used to justify the recidivist ALP
>policy on East Timor at the 1984 National ALP conference! Some of the IS
>comrades might remember that - we led a chant 'shame, shame shame' when
>the obscene vote was being taken. A number of ALP leftists publicly burned
>their membership cards at the same conference.
>  By not confronting the Indonesian establishment, Little Sir Bill
>pontificated, we were actually helping the East Timorese more, than the
>'the unrealistic, emotive idealists seeking a warm fuzzy glow'. (never
>mind that the East Timorese thought otherwise).
>Well, we have seen the results of that policy, havent' we!!?!
>It's incredible seeing those same sentiments being served up again nearly
>16 years later on a 'marxist' discussion list. If I weren't laughing I'd
Again, as Phil has pointed out very well, this is not 16 years ago. That was
the cold war, this is "democratizing the world". I never said don't confront
the Indonesian establishment. Don't ask the Australian and other Imperialist
governments to do it. That's a big difference, one which you continue to
To compare the situation of 84 and 99 for East Timor is like comparing 1918
and 1933 in the Soviet Union. Different times, different program. We must
keep up, it is not sufficient to evolve a line and just stick to it.
I've been an ardent supporter of the PKK for some two years. The situations
are very similar- and if the PKK were to call on imperialist intervention
then I would have to (depressedly) withdraw my support. The same goes for
the East Timorese resistance movement- not supporting Horta neither implies
"complicity" with the Golkars, and neither is it a statement that I am
attempting to wash my hands of the very real suffering the East Timorese are
going through.
It is not that simple.


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