In defense of the demand for troops

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Sat Sep 18 11:37:14 MDT 1999

marxism at,Internet writes:
>Nestor wrote:
>>>What I mean is that
>there can not exist an East Timorese "national question"
>unless backed by imperialist troops. The "National
>question" there is the Malay national question, and the
>horrid fate of the East Timorese (on which I cry bitter
>tears, you can believe me!) is one of the most terrible
>outcomes of the unfinished struggle of the Malay peoples
>for their unification. <<

I copy the above from a post by Jose Perez.
Malays may be the dominant population group in Indonesia but they are not
the only one.To call for Malay unification is like calling for European
unity on a Germanic basis.

There are numerous other ethnic groups in the area. Far better to pose the
idea of a Socialist federation that would include everywhere from Malaysia
to Australia combined with a brealup of the existing empires or
collections of colonial accumulations of real estate. Trying to create
mini Imperialisms on the basis of some Prussian sense of mission belongs
not to a Socialist vision but a catchup type of Capitalist one.In fgact
the USA fostered this with a strategy based on regional strong client
states, Indonesia, Brasil (I think) etc.I recall some New Left Review
articles on this very point.
A south American one would be one which sees one or other of the big three
Chile. Brasil or Argentina as the locomotive of history.Even though the
original nations of the area are very repressed or eliminated there has to
be a recognition of their rights in a vision of a Socialsit future.
Jim Monaghan

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