Cubans in East Timor

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Sat Sep 18 07:20:00 MDT 1999

El 18 Sep 99 a las 9:25, Louis Proyect nos dice(n):

> September 18, 1999
> Cubans Delay Official's Visit to Portugal
> The Cuban Government added in a statement that it was
> ready to send doctors to East Timor to support a United
> Nations-authorized international peacekeeping force to be


> Cuba's Communist rulers, who in the past have criticized
> some multilateral military interventions such as this
> year's NATO attack on Yugoslavia, said they considered the
> need for a United Nations-supervised force in East Timor
> as "something exceptional."
> The statement said Cuba hoped the multilateral force's
> mission in East Timor would take place "under strict
> United Nations direction and without hegemonic pretensions
> from regional powers or extra-regional power groups."
> Under these circumstances, Cuba would be willing to offer
> medical units to join the intervention force, it said.

This is an interesting idea. I will modestly comment that
the opinion I advanced some days ago ran on the same lines.

I do not have any faith, however, in the power of the UN to
put down imperialist intentions on the side of the USA,
Britain or Australia. I do not forget the French, who are
not passively watching the scenario from their bases at N.
Caledonie and elsewhere.

But the only reasonable way out seems to be, for the time
being, a truly PEACE keeping force that limits itself to
ensure the end of murders. This would clearly mean to keep
Aussies out, and to constitute a force of non-imperialist
countries. Brazilian, Cuban and Indian or Chinese troops
(there are more options, taking into account the Muslim
faith of Indonesians: Lybian, Iraqi, even Malaysian,
whatever fits best), IF ACCEPTED BY BOTH E.
TIMORESE AND INDONESIANS, may prove to be a good mix.

Not that I have the slightest idea that we can do anything
to enforce such a solution. But I am showing that there are
alternatives that may prevent the massacres without
introducing a single imperialist soldier in E. Timor. Since
this is a matter of principle, it would do lots to help
truly revolutionary forces in Indonesia if anti-imperialist
Leftists (not a redundant adjective, and it's a pity!)
in imperialist countries took this stand rather than
indirectly, partly or unwillingly supporting invasion
by their own bourgeoisies.

When confronted with our impotence and the strength of the
enemy, we have the political duty to at least show that the
path they carry us along is by no means the only possible
one. That they are choosing THIS path rather than many
others, and that there are other paths which will not imply
an aggression to Indonesia under cover of protection of the
East Timorese...


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