Last word on Alan and the DSP

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Sep 16 20:31:30 MDT 1999

>The thing is that the DSP has structures for making democratic decisions.
>If they start bypassing them, they stop being democratic.  One key element
>is that the DSP's decisions are made by DSP members - non-members don't get
>to vote.  That means that the decisive discussion is that which happens
>within the DSP.  If outsiders manage to convince DSP members that the DSP
>position is incorrect, then the proper, loyal, course for these DSP members
>is to work to change that position.
>Is it possible to do this?  If we take Gary MacLennan's word for it, no.
>Alan Bradley
>alanb at

This is absolutely the last time I will write or mention  or bloody well
even speak to Alan. I promise.

The line on supporting the Aussie troops came from within the CC of the
DSP. That would have gone out to the members.  There would have been
minimal debate if any on it.  Pressure of time etc would have been used as
an excuse if anyone objected.

The leadership "leads". That is the way of Democratic Centralism.  It is a
travesty of the notion of democracy.  But Alan in a truly brainwashed way
can see no alternative.  He thinks because I oppose this caricature of
democracy that I am anti-democratic.

Now how will the line be changed?  Alan in the fairy tale world he lives in
thinks there will be democratic debate in the organisation he no longer
belongs to.  There will be no such debate. Now it is true that the DSP have
had to referred to this list and the criticisms aired on it.  Their
membership cannot be totally quarantined from outside ideas, so it is
necessary to mention what others say.  But generally this is done in such a
way as to dismiss criticism.

Overall the DSP will hunker down and hope that the storm passes and that we
will all forget their collaboration with the forces of Australian
Militarism and Imperialism. In this crisis loyalty to the organisation will
see the leadership through. So strong is that loyalty that it even brings
ex-members back into the fold.

Last word said.  Absolute Promise.


  Or alternatively someone could use the issue as a lever to beat down the
present leadership and promote thiemeselves within the organisation.

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