East Timor and the DSP line

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--- Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at qut.edu.au> wrote:

> There is another tension developing around the
> control of the left wing of
> the East Timor movement.  It was sparked off
> yesterday at the protest.  The
> police were there in large numbers to protect the
> office of Garauda
> Airlines and we were all gathered outside. A comrade
> of mine Bob Carnegie,
> an ex-wharfie or rather Seaman and a great Marxist
> came prepared with eggs
> to throw.  The police warned him not to do it.  He
> went ahead and was
> arrested.  An ugly scuffle broke out and DSP went
> berserk trying to get
> control of the rally.

Should the DSP have allowed the rally to be diverted
into a 'release carnegie' campaign?  The 'attempt to getcontrol of the
rally' was motivated by the
desire to keep the issues to the fore.

> They then issued a call for 'discipline'.  I hate
> that shit.  When that
> word is uttered I smell the sudden stink of
> Stalinism.  I supported Bob
> throwing the egg.  It showed everybody which side
> the Police were on.
> Hundreds are getting chopped to pieces and here in
> Brisbane you cannot
> throw an egg.

throwing an egg is not necessarily anti-stalinist.
Is discipline a stalinist concept?
or is it just when it is in inverted commas that it
becomes so?

The point is to keep your eyes on moving maximum
people in a leftward direction.  trying to
prevent a potential brawl with the police is consistent with that.

(I suspect the police were more concerned with
Bob Carnegie's remarks than with the egg.  He did
say something about the personality of the cop
in the shirt and black tie which the cop predictably insisted on
demonstrating to be accurate.)


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