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João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Sun Sep 26 04:55:42 MDT 1999

> " The pederasts are beginning to count themselves
> and find that they make up a power in the state. Only the organisation is
> lacking, but according to this it already exists in secret. And since they
> count such significant men, in all the old and even the new parties, from
> Rosing to Schweitzer, they cannot fail to succeed. Guerre aux cons, paix
> aux trous-de-cul will be the call now. It is only luck that we are
> personally too old to have to fear that on the victory of this party we'll
> have to pay the victors bodily tribute."

This may be homophobic filth, by our present standards.
But it sure is funny.
It reminds me of Alvaro Cunhal, the old stalinist secretary-general of the
Portuguese Communist Party. Once asked what were his toughts on the gay
question, he paused for a moment, then summarized thus: "Homosexuality is a
very sad phenomenon. We, on the PCP, understand it... but don't adhere. No, no,
we can't adhere."
It now appears that he was very close to Marx's own original thoughts on the

João Paulo Monteiro

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