To Jose again

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Wed Sep 22 17:19:58 MDT 1999

Jose writes:

>You think the post-WWI anticolonial movement, insofar as it did not
>break the hold of capitalism, was pretty much a fake and a fraud, it was
>simply the same old fight among the imperialists for a re-division of the
>spoils, albeit in a new form.

Once again, NO!  The struggle for political independence on the parts of
Africans and Asians etc was of course totally genuine and legitimate.

The point I made was that the US supported decolonisation because it was in
the interests of American imperialism to do so.  Decolonisation was a
defeat for France and Britain, but it was a big victory for the US.
Washington got access to new sources of raw materials and markets, to a
dominant political position within many of the new states, put Britain and
France into the second division and itself into unchallenged global hegemon
position, and partially contained 'communism' and national liberation

The US won the post-WW2 tussle, just like it won the Cold War.  The defeat
in Vietnam has proven the exception rather than the rule (unfortunately).
Washington has pretty much been able to claw back what it lost during the
Vietnam War, and is now able to intervene freely anywhere in the world

Other imperialist powers are also flexing their muscles and testing their
ability to intervene places.  This is what Canberra and Wellington are
doing in East Timor.  They have completely politically disarmed the old
peace movement - which, by and large, supports the intervention - and so
imperialist interventions are now legitimised.  Expect further Australian
and New Zealand military adventures in the Asia-Pacific region.

Only us old hard-core anti-imperialist Marxists remain unconverted (and
unconvertible) to the notion that imperialist intervention has a civilising
and progressive role to play in the Third World.

Philip Ferguson

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