Progressive Unity, was Re: Australia, East Timor, & Conscription

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Fri Sep 24 14:04:55 MDT 1999

Excuse me. Did I miss something? I do understand neither the content nor the
tone of your mail, Louis.
Julio F.B.
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> >It seems to me that in the last months (particularly since the u.s.
> >aggression in Yugoslavia) at least two principles of unity of a
> >future progressive coalition have emerged: a principled opposition
> >to all u.s. ("humanitarian") intervention and opposition (in the u.s.)
> >to tailing the Democratic Party (or hoping to reform it). Within
> >that unity there remain very important differences (as the recent
> >debate in pen-l on origins shows), but I would suggest that
> >those who agree on these two issues should (using the Chinese
> >vocabulary) regard other differences as "contradictions among
> >the people."
> >
> >Carrol
> What a load of bullshit. Carrol Cox has spent 3 days writing patronizing
> dismissals of my investigations into questions raised by Jim Blaut's book
> "Colonizer's Model of the World" as empiricism and now wants to line up
> people against the DSP, me included. Let me tell you something, Carrol.
> First of all, there will be no lines drawn on this mailing list, number
> one. Number two, after listening to your nonsense for the past few days,
> I'd line up with whatever side you were opposed to. Call that unprincipled
> combinationism if you will, but you've got my dander up.
> Louis Proyect
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