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> On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, D. McCloskey wrote:
> > The trouble with the idea of a cycle that long is that we will have had
> > few of them.  I know I bought a hardback copy of Ravi Batra's The Coming
> > World Depression of 1990, based on such ideas, for $3.25 in 1993.  It
> > seemed worth having for class purposes, if you see what I mean.
> No I do NOT know what you mean in re buying Ravi Batra. Although he
> based his analysis on US data etc., 1989-92  WAS the worst recession
> in the US  since probably 1937  or maybe 31-33, so so far he was right as
> far as he went [and in re the growing inequality in the distribution of
> income he was also right].
> And whats MORE,
> the 1990s have also been the WORST WORLD DEPRESSION decade EVER, or if
> economic historians can find a worse one, 1873 ff, 1857 ff, 1720 ff,
> 1640 ff?, i would like to know about it; 1640 would be my bet if any.
> But be that as it may,
> if this is not a super disasterous decade of WORLD DEPRESSION,
> I would like to be told what it has been, eg by Russians, East Europeans,
> East Asians, Central Asians, West Asians, South Americans,
> North/West/East/South Africans, and and...
> [and dont try to tell me that  these are 'separate/unconnected' 'regional'
> events when they are part and parcel of a global political economic
> structure/process which was generated by US political economic/financial
> policy in the 1980s and again in the 1990s - and in which the
> economic entropy costs here are shoved off on those there who are least
> able to bear them.
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