East Timor and Aussie Imperialism

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Sep 21 18:29:21 MDT 1999

Lenin wrote:
>"The class conscious proletariat can give its consent to a revolutionary
>war, which would really justify revolutionary defencism, only on
>condition: (a) that the power pass to the proletariat and the poorest
>sections of the peasants aligned with the proletariat; (b) that all
>annexations be renounced in deed and not in word; (c) that a complete
>break be effected in actual fact with all capitalist interests."
>(The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution)

(with thanks to david Welch for posting this)

Yes.  And once again we see how little in common with Lenin are the
arguments of the DSP, Warwick and Jose.

One of the interesting things mentioned by Gary was that the Australian
unions have now lifted their bans on Indonesia.

This is also completely understandable.  The presence of the Ausssie troops
on the ground in East Timor will make it seem to many workers that there is
no longer any point in the bans, and the union leaders have got just the
excuse they need to lift the bans as well.

So the presence of Aussie imperialism in East Timor has served to
politically disarm any independent working class initiatives in Australia
in support of the Timorese.  Now, people like Gary and myself could have
told the DSP that from the very start - you hardly need to be a rocket
scientist to figure out that giving the initiative to the ruling class is
going to throw a massive obstacle across any independent working class

So, once again, well done DSP!  Hopefully, people like Jose and Warwick
will now start to wise up about the effects of calling for imperilaist
troops to go in to East Timor.

A fight for independence means just that - INDEPENDENCE.  It requires
independent politics.  The abandonment of a politics independent of
imperialism is going to turn East Timor into a neocolony, weaken the
working class in Australia and New Zealand and make our ruling classes
stronger, more politically able to intervene abroad in the future (and more
militarily prepared, thanks to the new round of military spending that they
are able to get away with now).

Thanks DSP.

Philip Ferguson

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