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Sat Sep 25 10:15:38 MDT 1999

El 26 Sep 99 a las 2:09, Green Left Parramatta nos dice(n):

> Phil, Gary, Carrol, Jonathan and others seem to be
> prepared to fight imperialism to the last drop the East
> Timorese peoples blood!

This is chicanery.

I ("others", will not allow you to let me unmentioned only
because I am not Anglo, dear GLP!) am prepared to
fight imperialism to the last drop of my own
blood, if need be (I hope this confession on my reluctance
to shedding my own blood in vain does not make me a coward
in your eyes, dear GLP!).

> The simple plain fact (which you
> all seem to not want to accept -- please say so if you do)
> is that the East Timorese people did not have the luxury
> of sitting back and pondering like our
> superrevolutionaries on this list, they were being
> slaughtered in an ambush prepared by Indonesia and its
> western allies!

The still simpler and plainer fact, dear GLP, is that even
a bourgeois nationalist as Juan Peron could have a better
answer to your position:  "People who do not have the brain
to think will have to have the back to stand the weight
that befalls on them!".  The East Timorese do not seem to
have properly managed the decolonization process after
Portugal left the country, they seem not to have adequately
reflected on their relationship with imperialism and the
dark colored peoples around them, and are now in a terrible
situation (which I am among the first to deplore) partly,
at least, because of these failures in their political
thought. All the above is speculative, but it is better to
think this way than to think that they were in fact
fighting for decades to gain Western (that is, IMPERIALIST)
support for their struggle against Indonesia.

I insist: in the best of cases, an independent East Timor
under the auspices of the UNO and Crocodile Dundee will become
an Israel. I oppose this, because even in this case there
would be an endless and ever deepening bloodshed. And this
objective fact, sorry to say this GLP, puts YOU on the side
of those who do not care that much on other people's blood.

I understand that you try to defend a political position.
But you need not to resort to chicanery and slander when
debating our ideas.

This reminds me of the ways old-time Communist Party
militants deployed when I was just a teething politician
in the Faculty of Sciences in Buenos Aires, by 1971.  The
party I belonged to had been subject to an Anti-Communist
Law of the military government. One of the lines of our
defence (a matter of legal chicanery, in itself) was that
since we had never been the Communist Party and, as
anti-Stalinists, we could not be confused with that Party,
the law could not be applied to us (this led to a very
funny conundrum among the reactionary judges, certainly!).

One of the consequences of this law was that the generally
plump and mild "Communists" had been able to adopt a
pretence of clandestinity and to aduce that they were
subject to persecution. During one of my debates
with these people, I made the mistake to say
"you in the C.P".  This made me, immediately,
a secret police agent, of course. I had disclosed their
"secret" identity! I had made it public that they were
"C.P."! The cops would now fall on them, of course!

Nothing the like happened, but the result of this mistake
was terrible.

I was the only militant of my party at the Faculty by those
years, and the CP'ers had an important presence. Every time
I wanted to speak at the assemblies, their gang howled,
just as GLP has done: "Hah, here comes the one who doesn't
mind to shed other people's blood!" (that was yours truly).

By the way, the amount of Communist (as opposed to Peronist
and even our own Izquierda Nacional) blood shed during the
military dictatorships in Argentina may fill a thimble
(when I say Communist, I mean "official Communist Party
militants and sympathizers", OK?).

So that I can recognize such a kind of red herring as soon
as I see it, my dear GLP!


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