Charlie Haden

George Pennefather poseidon at
Sat Sep 25 03:41:03 MDT 1999

Louis: I have been moved to write about jazz bassist Charlie Haden after listening
to his latest and greatest CD, "The Art of the Song". It is consistent with
a number of others that he has released over the past half-decade evoking a
sort of romantic and retro approach to jazz, strongly influenced by a
vision of the more innocent Los Angeles of post-WWII years and of movie

George: I have beeb just listening to a CD of Nina Simone's. She is a performer that
impresses me. My favoiurite track on the CD Wild is the Wind. In this love song her
expresses great emotional depth and breadth.

I wonder whehter there any Nina Simone sites.Do you know much about her/

Warm regards
George Pennefather

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