New Age for Aussie Imperialism (reply to rachel E.)

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Sep 24 18:40:29 MDT 1999

>>I hadn't thought of it before, but perhaps the u.s. in Grenada is an
even better analogy than Haiti for Australia in East Timor.<<

Let me see if I follow your analogy:

    The Indonesians must be the original New Jewel Movement, carrying out a
thorough-going people's revolution in a tiny island.

    The Timorese National Liberation Movement must be the people from the
Coard faction, as Fidel so aptly called them, "la izquierda polpotiana" that
fired on the people, murdered Maurice Bishop, the central leader of the
revolution, demoralizing the masses and throwing the doors wide open to
imperialist intervention.

    And the militias must be playing the role of the Cubans, the only ones
who put up any resistance, however limited, to the invasion.

    Did I get it right?



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